Group and one-on-one therapy form the foundation for our therapeutic approach at Montcalm School. Each therapy session is guided by our founding principle: there’s no such thing as a bad child.

That belief drives everything we do at Montcalm. Every child has strengths that we believe can be brought to the forefront of the child, out from behind the veil of oppositional behaviors.

When you look for something positive, you’ll find it. The culture of caring at Montcalm is second to none.

Our expert clinical team knows how to help your child

We hire highly qualified staff to work with your child. Meet Montcalm’s clinical team.

Each of our staff members treats kids with dignity, respect and a confidence that they will rise to reach the goals we set together. Our students consistently flourish using this approach.

Programs designed with you and your child in mind 

We’ve designed a program at Montcalm that works. It’s that simple. But we need your help to succeed. Any therapeutic treatment program that doesn’t include family is missing a key component.

We encourage parent contact through campus visits, home visits, phone calls, emails, and more.

At Montcalm, boys and girls are housed in separate cottages.  Each student is provided with gender-specific programming.  Montcalm School offers a variety of programs for youth, including:

  • Traditional Therapeutic Boarding SchoolA program for boys and girls, ages 12-28, that assists them with getting back on track academically and building confidence through our strength-based treatment.
  • Outside In — A program for boys and girls, ages 12-28, with autism spectrum disorders.
  • Structured Transitional Living (STL) — A program for boys, ages 17-28, that helps them acquire life skills and prepare for independent living.
  • Therapeutic Day School - The Montcalm Day School is designed for students, ages 12-28, with autism spectrum disorder, and uses project-based learning.

For more information about Outside In or STL, visit our specialized programs page. You’re sure to find a program appropriate for your family.