Koby Cottage

About Montcalm School

Montcalm School is a private, therapeutic boarding and day school that helps girls and boys flourish. We’re here to walk with teens and their parents through their time of crisis by providing education, therapy and specialized programs.

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For a weekend, parents can call this on-campus cottage home

Koby Cottage has been designated a home-away-from-home for visiting parents. We strongly believe that parents must be involved in the treatment of their children.

Imagine your family staying in this incredible structure and spending quality, healing family time in such a private, supportive environment. 

Nestled in the beautiful secluded woods on the south side of Montcalm Lake, Koby Cottage is more than a guest house to stay the night. It's a chance for parents to reconnect with their children while participating in shared activities. These include:

  • Conflict cycle training

  • Service learning projects

  • Outdoor adventure education

  • Family relationship dynamics

The architectural showcase is a gift from thankful parents in recognition of the great results achieved for their son after treatment at Montcalm School.

Contemporary in design with large windows and glass corners for expansive views of nature and the lake, the home has two bedrooms, two baths, and a kitchen and living room, all centered around a dining room table as a meeting place for the family. Even with so much glass and an open rooftop deck, there's still complete privacy because the house is cantilevered off a hillside, preventing outside viewers from seeing into the house from below. 

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For more information about booking Koby Cottage for your visit to campus, please speak with your Senior Clinician or call 517.630.2401.