Service Learning

Montcalm School offers youth an opportunity to give back to their community. A large part of the Montcalm experience is teaching our students the importance of community service.

Our school has a great relationship with many local businesses and organizations that affords students the opportunity to participate in service learning projects or internships.

Some of these organizations include:

  • United Way

  • Habitat for Humanity

  • Albion, Michigan, Library

  • Jackson Friendly Home — a residence in Jackson, Michigan, for women ages 60 and over.

  • ABC Academy — a preschool and childcare center in Jackson, Michigan.

  • Jackson County Animal Shelter

Montcalm students appreciate the opportunity to give back through service learning

“I think the most enjoyable and fun activity I’ve done so far at Montcalm was helping out after the tornado in (Dexter, Michigan).”

-Montcalm student


“When I first found out about helping at the (Jackson Friendly Home), I was very happy. Being there makes me want to make good choices in life. I really like learning from the women and having fun with them.”

-Montcalm student


“Visiting the (Jackson Friendly Home) each week has been such an incredible experience because it is a great way to stay involved in the community. The ladies at the friendly home are so nice, and they are so wise. Spending time there teaches responsibility, respect and maturity.”

-Montcalm student


“The program at Montcalm is intense but needed. It shows that investing in our youth is also investing in our future. I’m so impressed with the students we have worked with; the relationship between Montcalm and United Way is only getting stronger through service learning activities like painting park benches and visiting the Jackson Friendly Home.”

-Margaret Grose, United Way Liaison