Many students come to Montcalm with a history of poor grades, due in large part to long stretches of time spent out of school for behavioral issues.

The result is often a student whose self-esteem and motivation are low.

Small class sizes — no more than 15 students per class — and individualized instruction help get students back on track. Each classroom has one teacher and a teacher’s assistant who educate your child in all core subject areas.

Students with different learning styles are assisted through the use of technology like SMART interactive white boards, AlphaSmart keyboards and a computer lab.

Montcalm offers a broad range of courses from elementary level to college preparatory classes. Read about our course offerings in the Montcalm Curriculum Guide.

Students will also have the opportunity to retrieve lost credits and catch up through credit recovery.

Youth are assessed at the beginning of treatment and through their progress to measure academic gains using the Woodcock Johnson III, a renowned test that identifies academic functioning and ability levels.

Students show a two- to four-year growth in each assessed area on average while at Montcalm. You will also be able to track your student’s progress using password-protected online grade management software.

Montcalm teachers are highly trained and ready to help your child 

All of our talented teachers are licensed by the Michigan Department of Education and are highly skilled at accommodating individual learning styles.

We also recognize teachers as part of the treatment team. They are up to date on your child’s treatment issues and progress.