Education at Montcalm

No two students are alike at Montcalm. We offer a broad range of academic options and individualized instruction for students at every ability level. 

We assess every student at the beginning of their Montcalm School stay to determine skills and strengths and to set educational goals. Read more about Montcalm’s curriculum.

A history of academic success

Students often arrive at Montcalm with poor grades and a track record of school absences due to behavior issues.

Our small class sizes and individualized instruction often make a dramatic difference in the academic performance and overall attitude of our students. Read more about student life at Montcalm

Teachers you can trust

Montcalm’s highly qualified and fully certified full-time faculty members are licensed by the Michigan Department of Education. 

Our teachers assess more than a child's academic progress. They have the skills and take the time to really understand a child’s learning style. Meet our teachers.