Day School

Montcalm's Therapeutic Day School, conveniently located on the historic and beautiful Starr Commonwealth campus off of Interstate 94 (Exit 119) in Albion, Mich., opened in September 2013.

The Therapeutic Day School accepts students, ages 12-28, with autism spectrum disorder or other neurological differences, and provides families across Michigan and the Midwest with the option of non-residential specialized support.


The educational model for the Montcalm Therapeutic Day School will be focused on project-based learning, a learner-centered approach adopted from the Monarch Institute for Neurological Differences in Houston, Texas. The Monarch Institute is internationally recognized and has had the program replicated in Guatemala and Mexico.

Students will undergo assessments to determine their personal strength and executive functioning level. Using a developmental Levels System the student's assessment results will determine placement in co-ed classrooms with 10-12 students per classroom.

We believe that growth takes place within a developmental context. That's why we're committed to helping students progress in Four Core Goal areas:

  • Self-regulation and self-awareness
  • Executive function
  • Relationship development
  • Academic and professional competence

Levels System

Our developmental Levels System has different stages depending on a student's assessment. For each level, students work on individual objectives within the Four Core Goal areas. As objectives are mastered, new ones are chosen.

Roles for teachers, questions for students, parent training priorities, social grouping and curriculum selections all vary according to the student's individual objectives.

Our developmental Levels System includes four unique stages:

  • Novice
  • Apprentice
  • Challenger
  • Voyager

Strength-Based Approach

We believe that every child has strengths. Those strengths may be hidden behind oppositional behaviors. They may be hidden inside the child. But at Montcalm, we look for what's possible, not for what's wrong.

Our strength-based approach and positive therapeutic practices have earned us an international reputation for bringing out the best in every child.


Tuition ranges from $32,000-$36,000 for Challenger II & III level youth, which is currently the only level we are accepting. Placement will be determined by assessment. We will begin accepting students for other levels in the Spring 2014.

There will also be a $450 enrollment fee.


A uniform is required while attending Montcalm Therapeutic Day School. Having a uniform brings a sense of community and order to everyday life, which is important for students on the autism spectrum.

Parents/Guardians are expected to enforce the dress code with their students. Proper attire guidelines will be made available upon acceptance to the program.

Uniforms can be purchased here on the Land's End website.

Contact Us

For more information on the Montcalm Therapeutic Day School or Montcalm's therapeutic residential programs, please call us at 866.244.4321 or email us at