Montcalm School is a nonprofit, therapeutic boarding and day school offering practical, real-world solutions for the families of struggling girls, ages 12-21, and boys, ages 12-28.

We specialize in helping young people with a variety of issues, including: Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, learning challenges, depression, anxiety, adoption-related issues, oppositional-defiant behaviors and more.

Montcalm students may enroll at any time. All of our services are individualized for each student. Read our enrollment requirements.

What your Montcalm tuition includes

  • Individual therapy
  • State-licensed college preparatory curriculum and individualized educational plans
  • A strength-based treatment philosophy founded on dignity, respect and confidence
  • Small groups of peers assisting each other in dealing with issues, providing each other with support
  • Service learning projects that demonstrate how students are connected to the world and how one’s self-concept improves when you help others
  • Family involvement in treatment, as well as meaningful contact with family
  • Healing through arts and music, including drawing, painting, learning instruments and singing
  • Recreational activities, including exploring trails, fishing, hiking, camping, indoor and outdoor ropes courses, swimming and more
  • Optional spiritual development with recognition of all faiths
  • 24/7 access to licensed medical staff
  • If possible and desired, students have the ability to graduate from our school or their home school


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How to contact us

Montcalm School for Boys and Girls
13725 Starr Commonwealth Road
Albion, MI 49224

Call us today: 866-244-4321
International: 00+1+517+630+2512
Fax: 517-629-4650

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